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What Makes Asbestos So Hazardous

The ban on asbestos use in construction among other industries was first gazetted in November 2005, and again in 2007 before officially being legislated in 2008. At the time, asbestos was being used across multiple industries, such as gas, transport, mining and manufacturing and many industrial roofs were built using asbestos due to it being fireproof.

Certain exemptions were put in place that allowed for asbestos to remain under strict limitations, which is why we still have some industries where asbestos has remained, such as in the building industry where buildings built prior to 2008 may have asbestos roofs, asbestos ceilings or asbestos gutters.

The reason for the legislation being passed against asbestos in the various industries is due to the health hazard that asbestos poses to individuals when they are exposed to asbestos over a long period of time. Usually, the implementation of asbestos is in exactly those circumstances, in a static form where people can be exposed to it on a constant basis.

Short-term asbestos exposure can result in asbestosis but over the long run, asbestos exposure can result in other breathing complications, including but not limited to lung cancer. It is these risks and the increased incidents thereof that led to the legislation being passed and remains the reason why asbestos removal is a specialised industry strictly governed by the department of health.

We are a licensed asbestos removal and disposal company and can service customers throughout the Western Cape with a safe service that is approved by the department, every time.

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